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Why you choose Chlorella Sorokiniana for your health supplement

Chlorella Sorokiniana Has High Nutritions

The nutritional value of Chlorella Sorokiniana is extremely high. It is a natural, balanced, complete, concentrated nutritious food and a good nutritional health supplement found in Asentar, widely used in food, health care products, beauty and other fields. 

Chlorella Sorokiniana is Key Ingredient of Asentar

It contains:

1. 17 kinds of amino acids and high-density lipoprotein

2. A variety of natural and high-efficiency vitamins

3. Algal polysaccharides and various trace elements

4. Unique CGF activity factor

5. Natural high-concentration chlorophyll and plant cellulose

6. Linoleic acid and y-linolenic acid, etc

Chlorella Sorokiniana activates human cells.

chlorella sorokiniana
chlorella sorokiniana is the key ingredients of Asendar products
chlorella sorokiniana
chlorella sorokiniana activates human cells on anti-aging, accelerates wound healing

Chlorella Sorokiniana serves the functions

1. Activate human cells.

2. Inducing interferon.

3. Identify and inhibit the growth of mutant cells, repair damaged genes.

4. Excrete heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury remaining.

5. Help to improve body immunity system.

6. Enhance Digestion.