Asentar Youth™ Face mask Clear Silk




Asentar Fresh Series – Asentar Youth™ Face mask Clear Silk  glows the skin with radiance and emerges from the crowd with a sensational impression.

The Silk mask has the main ingredient: Silk fibre (Also known as artificial skin). It has the properties of strong absorption, light texture, breathable on the face, powerful brightening, hydrating repair, protect skin from UV radiation and anti-inflammatory.

It contains clinically-proven 3 Active Ingredients, being White Tomato Extract, Dragon Fruit Extract, Ceramosides. Dragon Fruit Extract is rich in anti-oxidants, giving significant anti-aging effect and protection from UVA/UVB. It reduces wrinkles and gives the skin radiance. White Tomato Extract is a powerful blend of Phytoene and Phytofluene. It enhances Firmness, protect from UV & blue light Prevent pigmentation. Centella asiatica extract is rich in amino acids, Carotene Fatty acids. Helps to restore skin elasticity. Ceramosides is the skin’s natural barrier, Lock in moisture and Make skin firm and plump

Advantages of Asentar Youth Skin Mask

✓ Promotes silky, smooth & soft skin

✓ Promotes skin Brightening & radiance

✓ Enhances firmness & elasticity in skin

✓ Non-irritant, suitable for sensitive skin

✓ Super moisturising

✓ Reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

✓ Lightens pigmentation & brightens skin

✓ Significantly reduces pores size


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