Asentar Fresh Series – Asentar Guard™ Sunscreen




Asentar Fresh Series – Asentar Guard™ Sunscreen

Asentar Guard™ Sunscreen anti-wrinkle, enhance moisturising, build Skin barrier, instant Brightening Damages of UV to our skin are due to the weakening of your skin’s natural defence. The skin has a highly impermeable natural protective barrier 1. Prevents loss of moisture 2. Stop harmful irritants & micro-organisms from entering your skin Weakens overall skin barrier Trigger production of melanin Causes visible tanning effect and dark spots formation The following cause damages to the skin. UVA/UVB are the main external causes for skin aging (up to 80%) UVA rays speeds up aging UVB rays burns your skin Less than 20% of aging is due to internal causes (e.g genetics) The Damages to your DNA ▪ UV rays on your skin will produce free radicals. ▪ Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage healthy cells. ▪ Free radicals will change the genetic material of cells in some ways and causes cancer ▪ This is why the risk of skin cancer is higher in countries with fair skin and direct sunlight ▪ How does blue light (HEV) causes skin damage ▪ Blue light is a colour that the human eye can see in the visible spectrum ▪ Blue light is a short spectrum ▪ Means it will generate more energy ▪ Blue light is ubiquitous and can be found in TV, smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, gaming system ▪ Electronic equipment, LEDs and fluorescent lights also have blue light The Causes of the skin aging are skin oxidation Compared to UVA/UVB ray, it has higer ability to penetrate deep into the skin and cause skin aging Causes hyper-pigmentation, redness and inflmmation Stimulates free radicals in skin and accelerate aging Asentar Guard™ Sunscreen is a lightweight hydrating sunscreen, ✓ Shielding you from UV rays, pollutants and free radicals, ✓ Maintains fair and even skin tone ✓ Protects against photo-damage ✓ Prolong signs of aging ✓ Enhance softness and firmness in skin ✓ Protection o SPF 40 o PA +++ o Blue light protection > 50% o UVA / UVB protection o Anti-pollutants o Hydrating o Instant brightening o Suitable for sensitive skin Unique Formula is Ceramosides Extract. It retains moisture in the skin Reduce enlarged pores, enhances skin elasticity And the Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract which improves blood circulation Stimulate skin renewal Relieve inflammation White Tomato Extract enhances skin tone, reduces pigmentation and even skin tone Inula Helenium Extract strengthens the skin barrier, reduces oxidative damage caused by blue light, help reduce inflammation Dragon Fruit Extract is rich in anti-oxidant, prevents formation of wrinkles and fine lines


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