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How do cells maintain your body health

Why do we fall sick?

We get sick when the cells malfunctions.  The cell failure is caused by nutritional disorders, toxin overloading and free radical attacks. When either of the condition fails, we feel sick.  Cell disorder is the root cause of our illness.

What are free radicals? How it kill our body cells?

Our body generates free radicals when our body system is converting food into energy.  Cell metabolism requires oxygen. In the process of consumption of oxygen, free radical molecules are naturally produced. Free radicals scavenge the body to pair with other electrons.  This causes damage to the cells, proteins and DNA.  It destroys our healthy cells in excess of free radicals.  The damage to the cell membranes results in skin aging and wrinkles. 

How do we maintain our healthy body?

Health cell food supplement protects our body cells, repair the cells, strengthen the cells, enhances cell regeneration and reduces the build-up of senescing cells.

Natural antioxidants, composed of the natural chlorophyll, have the preventive and improvement effect on diseases caused by cell oxidation.  Asentar health cell food has 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, 3000 times stronger than resveratrol, 800 times better than CoQ10, 560 times stronger than green tea extracts, 500 times stronger than vitamin E, 75 times stronger than thioic acid, 40 times stronger than carrots and 17 times stronger than grape seed extracts.

Supreme health cell food composed of Astaxanthin and chlorella sorokiniana. Haematococcus pluvialis of Astaxanthin functions in anti-aging, anti-inflammatory. It protects your skin and your eyes, maintains the cardiovascular health, increase physical strength and endurance. The preventive effect minimizes the disease to our body. Asentar is the strongest potent energy source. The growth of small Chlorella is very fast, four times in 24 hours.

Small Chlorella Sorokiniana containing CGF growth factor increases the cell regeneration capacity by 25%.  The Chlorella Sorokiniana algae containing vitamin A, C, B,as well as Carotene and Lutein. Having the Chlorophyll being 100 times stronger than green tea extracts, 18 times amino acids required by the human body, 3 times the proteins richer than beef and Omega-3 supplement.  It enhances the growth of probiotics by four times in our body.

It also detoxes our body. The mesh structure of small algal cells removes the toxins – lead, cadmium, mercury, and net them out of the body.

Why is Asentar Health Cell Food so effective in maintaining our healthy cells?

Haematococcus pluvialis of Astaxanthin (fat-soluble) and small algae chlorella sorokiniana (water-soluble) are the solutions for cells to stay strong in defense and healthy young and long-lived.

In the nutshell, Asentar containing the two key ingredients, Astaxanthin and chlorella sorokiniana serves to detoxify, strengthen cell regeneration, prevent free radicles and repair cells.