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Chlorella Sorokiniana health source enhance body immunity

Asentar Health Source enhances our body immunity

Asentar Global provides the essential health energy food sources to our body, enhances immune system, re-generates our cells and develops unlimited possibilities of its health applications.

Chlorella Sorokiniana has a faster growth rate than any other food crop known. In the right conditions, it multiplies four times in less than 24 hours. Making it the highest in potent energy among other cell food.

Asentar health food supplement bring to our body.

  1. Strengthen the immune system response
  2. Balance nutrition for optimal health
  3. Improve energy levels and endurance
  4. Refresh our body system
  5. Promote cleanliness and weight loss
  6. Provider energy to our body
  7. Improve digestion
  8. Relieve inflammation
  9. Hormone balancing
  10. Grow and Repairs tissues
  11. Increase skin elasticity
  12. Increase cognitive function

Direction of Use

Take 2 – 6 capsules of Asentar daily as needed.

Recovery Symptom using Asentar Health body image 1

The possible recovery symptoms on Asentar product

Recovery Symptom using Asentar

  1. Tiredness and Sleepiness. 
  2. Bad Breath and White Tongue. 
  3. Tongue Numbness
  4. Flu, Fever and Sore Throat Detoxing of the lungs.
  5. Feeling Hot and Heated
  6. Very Energetic Enhanced cell energy.
  7. Cannot Sleep
  8. Body Odour
    Detoxing of toxin through perspiration.
  9. Rashes and Itchiness
  10. Stomachache and Toilet Frequency Increase
  11. Feeling Bloated
  12. Backache
  13. Joint Pain

Recovery Symptoms

The recovery symptom is also called the recovery reaction. It is the body process in detoxifying harmful substances, and removing hidden toxins in the body by excreting it out from the body. The temporary physical discomfort or commonly know as withdrawal symptoms are the transition during this rapid health recovery of the body.

In the recovery process, the hidden problems of the body will be exposed again, and more than once, it must be remove, replenish, rejuvenate and improved repeatedly until the body is completely in harmony and balanced. This is because long-term accumulated toxins in the body are discharged during its recovery process, after the body’s self-healing abilities has increased. Although the process of recovery is uncomfortable, after each cycle, our physiological state will become younger and healthier.

How long is the Detox-Recovery period?

It can be as little as one or two days, many weeks or even months. It varies from person to person. The recov- ery reaction usually disappears 2 weeks after the onset of symptoms. The strongest is only 5-7 days. Sometimes the recovery reaction does not happen immediately, but it happens after a period of time, and some of them do not happen all at once. It is gradually occurring in different parts of the body. People who have such a situation may have discomfort for a longer time, usually 2-3 weeks.