Asentar Astaxanthin Asentar chlorella sorokiniarana Health Nutrition

How do cells maintain your body health

Why do we fall sick? We get sick when the cells malfunctions.  The cell failure is caused by nutritional disorders, toxin overloading and free radical attacks. When either of the condition fails, we feel sick.  Cell disorder is the root cause of our illness. What are free radicals? How it kill our body cells? Our body generates […]

Asentar Asentar Astaxanthin Asentar chlorella sorokiniarana Health Nutrition

Chlorella Sorokiniana health source enhance body immunity

Asentar Health Source enhances our body immunity Asentar Global provides the essential health energy food sources to our body, enhances immune system, re-generates our cells and develops unlimited possibilities of its health applications. Chlorella Sorokiniana has a faster growth rate than any other food crop known. In the right conditions, it multiplies four times in […]

Asentar Astaxanthin Health Nutrition

Astaxanthin strengthen our body cells

Astaxanthin substitutes the nutritions Astaxanthin is replacing nutritions like B-carotene, anthocyanin, lycopene, etc, and has become the most anti-aging element to date. It offers therapeutic effect, in general, in the following six aspects. Asentar health cell food supplement enhances, improves, repairs the body cells. Anti-aging Skin protection Eye protection Maintain cardiovascular health Maintain joints and […]

Asentar Astaxanthin


Our blog on Asentar Health The Blog shares our knowledge and practical use cases of the application of the Asentar health cell food products. There are lot more we want to share being able to share, learn, discuss the experience of the products. You are most welcome to write your comment about the products, the […]